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The goal of Conkers3 is to inspire, support and guide investors and business leaders to achieve success in their investing or business journey.

Conkers3 works with the investing and corporate world to promote their insights and journeys through bespoke interviews (podcasts/videos), research and events. 

The foundation of Conkers3 is to enable others to be inspired to learn more, to achieve greater financial freedom or success and to do all this whilst being mindful, calm, kind and living a rewarding happy life.

Conkers3 does this by providing 3 core services: Interviews (podcasts/videos), a hub of Research / Knowledge and events.

Conkers3 is also the home of Conkers’ Corner. Conkers’ Corner is the brand name of the interviews and podcasts done by Conkers3. There have already been many Conkers’ Corner interviews, sharing insights from people in the investing world as well as thought leaders, business leaders and entrepreneurs.


Conkers3 provides insightful and provoking interviews and research (and articles) about investing. Conkers3 works with Investors (experienced/developing), High net worth individuals (HNWI); Independent Financial Advisers; Life-long students of the financial markets; Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. Also, Conkers3 provides inspiration for new or developing investors, through coaching and mentoring services. 

Business Leaders:

For business, corporate or entrepreneurial leaders, wanting to promote or increase knowledge of their business, Conkers3 provides interviews (podcasts/videos) that can be shared with wide reaching local, national or global audiences.

Thought Leaders:

Interviews (podcasts/videos) for anyone who has experienced interesting journeys and provoking insights that others can learn from.

None of the information provided on this website should be considered a recommendation or advice. This website is for information only, as everyone should do their own research and due diligence before purchasing or making any financial investments or making business decisions.

The content on this site will be mainly written by Peter Higgins (on Twitter known as @conkers3). There will also be additional information on the website from time to time, in the form of insightful articles and research, from various partners, finance, investment industry and business experts.

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Algy Hall provides a well reasoned case against the optimism for value investing's recent revival in this week's Ideas Farm. But do you agree? Have your say at the bottom of this thread 🙋‍♂️ https://t.co/G4l0GnhLuS

Hi Pete, the location change thing is that I used to listen in the bath! - but we do #TWINPETESINVESTING on the move now. Re #ev, cars go over my head but yes having an #industryinsider was great and maybe an area you might develop. Dont forget to pick up some Nissan and Tesla! https://t.co/CupWxhxPYW

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