Many of you will know Phil Oakley from the quality of the research, investment articles and investing presentations he has delivered and completed over the years. For those few of you that are not familiar with Phil you can find the  comprehensive interview with him here  that he gave on #CONKERSCORNER of his own insightful journey in the Investment industry and beyond. His insights and knowledge are sought after by institutions and private investors alike. Phil is currently the Associate Editor of the Investors Chronicle magazine.

At the time of this interview, Neil Woodford’s Woodford Investment Management and Woodford Funds, which had been championed by most investment media, platforms and analysts at launch, is going through an annus horribilis. This has culminated in Neil Woodford/Woodford Funds stopping investors from withdrawing their own money the Woodford Equity Income Fund. This suspension of access to funds has caused outrage and anger from large institutions, private investors and even the Fund Management industry. There is even talk of a potential formal probe by the FCA into the actions taken by the Woodford Funds.

In this exclusive interview with Phil, who is a big fan of investing in quality companies over the long-term, we discuss the recent developments at Woodford Funds. In particular, its impact and the lessons learnt, as well as what could and should be done across the Fund industry going forward. Phil also explains how to select high quality stocks and gives examples of some stocks that could have long term growth and resilience.

You can find this exclusive podcast interview on AudioBoom.

Topics discussed include:

Neil Woodford;

Woodford Funds;

Woodford Equity Income Fund;

Assets Under Management;

Fee structures;

Fund charges;

Funds structure;

Fund Managers;

Dividend paying equities;

Unlisted/unquoted equities;

Open ended funds;

Close ended funds;




Hargreaves Lansdown;

Treasury Select Committee;

Platform fees;


Retail Distribution Review;

Trailing commissions;


Times of stress;



Active Managed Funds;


Organic growth;

Profit margins;

Return on Capital Employed/ ROCE;




Importance of research;



Cognitive biases;

Thinking Independently;

High PE stocks;


Amazon $AMZN;


Mastercard $MA;


PayPal $PYPL

Diageo #DGE;


Redde #REDD;

Dignity #DTY;


Spirax-Sarco #SPX;

Advantages of being a private investor;

Run your winners;


Investment Trusts;

and more.



For investors looking to add to their investing know-how, I recommend Phil’s excellent book “How to Pick Quality Shares”, published by Harriman House.

Within the book, Phil shares his wealth of knowledge and the analytical skills he has attained from more than thirteen years of working for both stockbroking and Fund Management companies. Plus, he shares insights from his more recent roles and experiences of researching, teaching and writing about companies for including Moneyweek, ShareScope and Investors Chronicle.

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