Many of you will know Phil Oakley from the quality of the research, investment articles and investing presentations he has delivered and completed over the years. For those few of you that are not familiar with Phil you can find the  comprehensive interview with him here  that gave on #CONKERSCORNER.


At the time of that interview with Phil, we spoke about the fact that he should write a book. Last year his passion for writing for investors was realised, when his excellent book “How to Pick Quality Shares” was published by Harriman House

Within the book, Phil shares his wealth of knowledge and the analytical skills he has attained from more than thirteen years of working for both stockbroking and Fund Management companies. Plus, he shares insights from his more recent roles and experiences of researching and writing about companies for Moneyweek and ShareScope.

Phil is currently a senior figure for the Investors Chronicle Magazine, which is owned by the Financial Times Group. You can find all of his recent articles here.


In this exclusive interview with Phil, who is a big fan of investing in quality companies briefly discusses how to pick quality shares, the states of the current markets, volatility, momentum investing, the positives and negatives of richly priced shares.

Topics discussed include:

Market volatility;

How to Pick Quality Shares;



Quality companies;


Free Cashflow Yield;

Interest Rates;

Help to Buy;

House builders;


Investors Chronicle;

Like for like sales/Organic growth;


Different types of growth;

Long-term investing;

Patisserie Holdings;

Aston Martin IPO;




Compounding /Compound Interest


Valuation/”Sanity Check”

Illiquid Shares;

Momentum Traders;


FAANG/Tech stocks;


Red Flags;

Bad investments;

Tortoise and the Hare;

Long-term investing returns.

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