At a busy MELLOLONDON 2018 Conkers’ Corner captured the viewpoint of some of the MELLO community whilst the air was filled with excitement. Due to the jam-packed nature of the two day event it proved difficult to get, but a small number of attendees were willing to stop and share their viewpoint.

In this interview I spoke with Michael he was enthused and inspired about investing by MelloLondon, having had the opportunity to engage in several one to one discussions with noteworthy investors, Mello attendees, CEOs, Fund Managers and those that were presenting at the two day Mello Event.

Michael has been investing for more than twenty years and is still keen to learn more and improve as an investor, which is why he highly recommends others attend Mello Events.

Watch Michael in this short video.

Many thanks to David Stredder founder of Mello Events for permission to film at the Mello London event in Chiswick.

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