At a busy MELLOLONDON 2018 @conkers3 captured the viewpoint of some of the MELLO community whilst the air was filled with excitement. 

This short video is with the unlikely Mello Events attendee Zak Mir @ZaksTradersCafe, the technical analysis, trading/charting expert, trader, Presenter and Media host. Could Zak who is now a freelancer be inching towards the area of investing after decades of trading? Well, if any investing event could convince him, maybe it would be MELLOLONDON?

In this interview Zak gives is thoughts on MelloLondon, his viewpoint on the markets, Tech, Oil & Gas, Mining stocks, MIFID, ESMA, CFDs, Politics/Brexit and more.

Many thanks to David Stredder founder and owner of Mello Events for permission to film at his Mello London event in Chiswick.

You can find Zak’s Conkers’ Corner MelloLondon Youtube interview here

You can find Zak’s original full length podcast  Conkers Corner interview here

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