At a busy MELLOLONDON 2018 CONKERS’ CORNER captured the viewpoint of some of the MELLO community whilst the air was filled with excitement. In this fourth short video private investor, finance graduate and now heating engineer Jonathan, shares with us what he enjoyed so much about the two day Mello event. 

Watch this video now as Jonathan who studied and gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Finance and Investments speaks of meeting Professor Glen Arnold one of the very individuals whose text books he had studied during his time as a student. He enjoyed listening to top speakers, meeting CEO’s, chatting with FireAngel and other companies of interest. He felt it was “amazing to be in a room with these Chief Executives listening to all their knowledge”. Jonathan also has a big surprise as he reveals his very well known connection with Mello Events.

Many thanks to David Stredder founder and owner of Mello Events for permission to film at the Mello London event in Chiswick.

You can find Jonathan’s Conkers’ Corner MelloLondon Youtube video here.

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Jonathan spoke of saying hello to Lord Lee, the first millionaire ISA investor. You can find Conkers’ Corner’s, Lord Lee’s article, podcasts and videos here.

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