Conkers’ Corner is the brainchild of @conkers3 Peter Higgins. He came up with the concept in 2012. One that is very simple yet extremely educational and beneficial for all. The participants in the Conkers’ Corner podcasts and interviews will be shrewd investors, High Net Worth Individuals, Fund Managers, Business Leaders, CEOs & CFOs.

They will share their views on investing, their individual investing style, strategies, perspectives on markets and their worst and wisest investments to date. They will not be about giving advice. They will instead, share investing knowledge, best investment practices and learning.



You will find most of the investment related Conkers Corners via this page in order of the date they were recorded. On the right you will find the links and their corresponding articles, audio and video content were appropriate.

Here is an insightful #CONKERSCORNER VIDEO interview by @conkers3 recorded live at the House of Lords with the Right Honourable, Lord Lee of Trafford, the first ISA Millionaire. He is the author of two books “Portfolio Man” and “How to make a million – slowly”. He has also written over 250 articles for FT Money mainly under the “My Portfolio” banner, and from time-to-time for other publications and also made a number of appearances on “Share Radio”. In 2003 he was adjudged to be the first ISA millionaire having created an ISA portfolio worth a million pounds from a total investment over the years of £126,000. It is for this that he has become particularly well known in investment circles. Where he also delivers presentations and contributes enthusiastically to investment panels, investing masterclasses and stocks and shares finance events nationally.

Please listen now to gain insights into how Lord John Lee has mastered the art of investing in small cap shares many of which are also listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Take the opportunity to learn from his many lessons during his investing journey, including: what he means by “heart bypass money”, how he became the first ISA Millionaire and much more.

Here is an insightful #CONKERSCORNER VIDEO interview by @conkers3 with @jimmhk Jim Mellon who started life life as a trainee Fund Manager in Hong Kong. He describes his first flat “as a squalid, windowless affair in the heart of Causeway Bay”. Despite initially only a having a vague idea of the workings of shares and bonds, through sheer hard work, curiosity, adaptability and application, he has gone on to be worth more than an estimated £900 million from investments. He is also the proud owner of the largest and best investment show in the UK: the Master Investor Show. Watch now to gain insights into how Jim Mellon selects, researches and filters investments in order to find the best cutting edge long-term potential opportunities for his investing

Here is an insightful #CONKERSCORNER VIDEO interview by @conkers3 with @RoskillEdward. Edward Roskill began investing when he was around 16 years of age with put and call options – as Edward puts it “with a very small amount, you could make your money do something amazing, or lose it completely!” For his 18th birthday, Edward received £500 worth of shares in two companies, this was his first introduction into investing in shares. Edward went onto become a respected entrepreneur, co-founder of Strata Partners and millionaire private investor. Watch now to learn more about Edward’s investing journey, his analytical research process of smallcap/ AIM-listed shares and his continual learning.

Here is an insightful #CONKERSCORNER VIDEO interview by @conkers3 with @carmensfella David Stredder who started from challenging circumstances in life to become a respected property entrepreneur and millionaire investor. Watch now to learn how David worked and invested tirelessly for his financial independence.

Why are these Podcasts and Interviews important? Well because as Jesse Livermore famously wrote “The stock market is never obvious. It is designed to fool most of the people, most of the time”. Therefore it is essential that irrespective of age or experience in investing, we pursue continual learning.

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