What is the Conkers’ Corner Corporate Hub?


The Conkers’ Corner Corporate hub’s focus is on business, corporate, entrepreneurial leaders that wish to promote or increase knowledge of their business or enterprise to wider regional, national or global audience and that of potential customers and clients. Conkers3 will share these mainly commissioned and bespoke interviews, podcasts or videos across social media and via certain partners to a targeted audience.

Are you an entrepreneur or business leader that wishes to increase the rate of return on the invested capital spent via a small portion of your marketing budget? Are wishing to share your story with regards to the most recent innovations you have developed or launched? Are you a business that wishes to attract new customers, clients and increase revenues? Are you are startup looking for funding or to make fresh connections? If you have replied yes to any of those questions. Then please contact us here to discuss our Conkers’ Corner Corporate podcast packages contact me

Welcome to the first CONKERS’ CORNER CORPORATE interview completed on 11th April 2018. In this interview, I have the pleasure of speaking with Christian Fuchs, the entrepreneur and founder of the NoFuchsGiven retail clothing brand and the Fox Soccer Academy. He is no ordinary fashion label brand owner as he is also currently a full-time Professional Premier League Football player with Leicester City Football Club. He does this whilst supporting charitable endeavours that include being an Ambassador for the Dorothy Goodman School for children with learning disabilities in Leicester and the Street Soccer League in America. Watch Christian in this video as he shares his smarter business journey.

A selection of testimonials from individuals and companies with whom Conkers3 has worked with

Giles Hurn - Private Investor

“When I heard that Peter was starting up his own Conkers3 website I knew that, if he would allow me, I would like to say a few words about the Peter Higgins I have come to know over the years.

Peter is a man of the utmost integrity and has been a source of friendship and a deep well of inspirational knowledge since we first met. He has shown both a warmth and kindness that are such rare commodities these days. His advice and tutorage has helped me to clarify my own thought processes and enabled me to see how success and humbleness are not incompatible but can both be achieved and nutured in every aspect of one’s life.

Despite juggling a large number of commitments; charitable, professional and personal, Peter has always found time to be there for me, to bounce ideas off, to consult and to advise.

Not only is he inspiring in his professional endeavours but his numerous selfless acts of charitable kindness and his unconditional support to me personally have meant that I am proud and very lucky to call him my friend.
Thank you Peter and good luck on your new business, you deserve all the success that I am confident is coming your way.”

Leanne Bonner-Cooke MBE

‘Peter is a great listener and very professional. He is well connected and a great networker / facilitator bringing the right people together. Peter very quickly, after hearing my story, linked me to an investor which has enabled me to accelerate my business plans. If you are looking for events, investment, introductions, facilitation I would recommend Peter, who always operates with integrity.’

Founder and Managing Director of Evolve-IT Consulting Ltd

Nicolas D. Marx, Principal, NMCO Capital Partners, Investor. Hong Kong SAR

From Private Investors to Professional Institutional Asset Managers. Peter with Conkers Corner puts them all together in a Podcast that is worth exponentially the time to listen in. Conkers Corner is a Premier destination for all participants, learners, knowledge seekers in the Investing world. Finally a Podcast where there’s a free exchange of ideas from the investing community without the technicalities, the jargon and the fear of the unknown. I recommend anyone interested in the investing topic to listen in, participate and engage. It is a journey for the curious hosted by a formidable Host that will make sure that you get the warmth and attention that this world sometimes is lagging. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Gooch MBE

As CEO of eg solutions plc, Peter Higgins and Conkers Corner proved invaluable to myself and the company. Peter has a good perspective and connections with the retail investor market, the analysts, advisers and commentators in this community too. We were able to use his knowledge as a sounding board to ensure we understood the needs and views of this group of investors. He was equally helpful in ensuring our messages were conveyed to them in the right way too. EGS presented at an Innovative Investors event which Peter led, it was well attended,, fun and included key note addresses from leading Fund Managers. Peter has become a trusted adviser to me over the years. I respect his advice and opinions and integrity and hope to continue working with him for many years to come.

CHRIS BAILEY, Fund Manager & CIO of the Dynamic Opportunities Fund and Founder of Financial Orbit Ltd

‘It is easy to get cynical in the world of investments because of the pursuit of profit.  Wiser investors realise that the key to achieving investment success is keeping humble and retaining an open mind.  There are few in my 20+ year career in the professional investment area who exhibits these latter traits as well as Peter “Conkers” Higgins.  As with many I first bumped into Conkers electronically on Twitter where he was providing useful links on individual stocks for no reason than just to raise the knowledge base of the wider world.  Later he extended this further into the truly fascinating ‘Conkers Corners’ podcasts which had the simple aim of boosting the investment learning of his readers.  I was proud to be asked to share my thoughts on one of these podcasts and contribute in some small way to his cause.  I was even prouder to appear in the inaugural investment conference Peter put together in Cardiff where – to use one of his favourite themes – his mindfulness rang through.  Today – and looking forward – Conkers is an essential follow on Twitter for anyone interested not just in UK equity investment but in building their knowledge about how to think about investments.  He is an intellectual multiplier force for you – and a thoroughly nice guy too’.

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