What is the Conkers’ Corner Corporate Hub?

The Conkers’ Corner Corporate hub’s focus is on business, corporate, entrepreneurial leaders that wish to promote or increase knowledge of their business or enterprise to wider regional, national or global audience and that of potential customers and clients. Conkers3 will share these mainly commissioned and bespoke interviews, podcasts or videos across social media and via certain partners to a targeted audience.

Are you an entrepreneur or business leader that wishes to increase the rate of return on the invested capital spent via a small portion of your marketing budget? Are wishing to share your story with regards to the most recent innovations you have developed or launched? Are you a business that wishes to attract new customers, clients and increase revenues? Are you are startup looking for funding or to make fresh connections? If you have replied yes to any of those questions. Then please contact us here to discuss our Conkers’ Corner Corporate podcast packages contact me

Welcome to the first CONKERS’ CORNER CORPORATE interview completed on 11th April 2018. In this interview, I have the pleasure of speaking with Christian Fuchs, the entrepreneur and founder of the NoFuchsGiven retail clothing brand and the Fox Soccer Academy. He is no ordinary fashion label brand owner as he is also currently a full-time Professional Premier League Football player with Leicester City Football Club. He does this whilst supporting charitable endeavours that include being an Ambassador for the Dorothy Goodman School for children with learning disabilities in Leicester and the Street Soccer League in America. Watch Christian in this video as he shares his smarter business journey.

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