Welcome to the 5th CONKERS’ CORNER. In this podcast I have the pleasure of speaking with GORDON WATSON @Flash_37 on Twitter.

This year Gordon celebrated his 45th birthday and has enjoyed a varied and successful career. In his childhood he was raised in a Local Authority Children’s Home, where he channeled his energies into his love for playing football. He progressed to playing for England Under 21’s and was also signed for his now beloved football team Southampton Football Club for £1.2 Million (a huge sum in 1995). As a forward/striker Gordon’s goals were often a catalyst for improved performance within the clubs he played for. These included: Charlton Town, Sheffield Wednesday, Southampton, Bradford City City, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Hartlepool United.His goals often led the teams he played for to achieve great success including Wembley appearances and League promotions.

After enjoying a successful professional football career which spanned 1989-2003, Gordon retired to take up Football Scouting and Player Analysis. He also took up making shrewd investments in mostly small AIM stocks. His most recent notable successes include 88 Energy & Keras Resources.
Through reflection he has attained personal growth and wisdom, helping him avoid the traps befalling many a retired football player. Gordon is one of the smarter ones because he realised what really matters in life. Listen now to gain insights into how Gordon invests and learn from the lessons in his investing journey.

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