Many of you will know Phil Oakley from the quality of the research, investment articles and investing presentations he has delivered and completed over the years. For those few of you that are not familiar with Phil you can find the  comprehensive interview with him here  that he gave on #CONKERSCORNER of his own insightful journey in the Investment industry and beyond. His insights and knowledge are sought after by institutions and private investors alike. Phil is currently the Associate Editor of the Investors Chronicle magazine.

The outstanding quality of Phil’s research and educational articles for the Investors’ Chronicle were recognised by his peers in June of this year, when Phil won the 2020 CFA Journalist of the Year award.

At the time of this interview with Phil in late 2020, Investors, Fund Managers, Traders, savers and all participants in the investment markets had already endured a highly volatile and psychologically testing ten months in the markets.

In this exclusive interview with Phil Oakley, who is an advocate of investing in quality companies over the long-term, we discuss his observations of the markets during 2020. In particular the importance of research, the 80/20 principle, value traps, looking at debts, herding, psychology, growth and more.

The topics and shares discussed include:
2020 a valuable year of learning for investors;
The US Federal Reserve;
Central Banks;
Market drop & Market rally;
Rising debt;
Company profits;
Drivers of share prices;
The Economy matters;
What is underwriting stock markets;
Technology shares;
Negative yielding bonds;
Why is looking a debts important;
Buying power;
Consumer credit;
Value traps;
Free lunches;
We all make investing mistakes;
Fevertree / FEVR;
High valuation / Expectations;
Momentum stocks;
Always research stocks;
Over confidence;
Understanding risks;
80/20 Principle;
Steve Clapham;
Low volatility investing;
What to look at when you are investing;
Clustering/ Herding;
Fear of Missing Out/ FOMO;
Games Workshop/ GAW;
Tesla/ $TSLA;
Ocado/ OCDO;
Return on Capital Invested / ROCI;
Return on Money Invested;
How to find winning investments;
Focus on the business;

For investors looking to add to their investing know-how, I recommend Phil’s excellent book “How to Pick Quality Shares”, published by Harriman House.

Within the book, Phil shares his wealth of knowledge and the analytical skills he has attained from more than thirteen years of working for both stockbroking and Fund Management companies. Plus, he shares insights from his more recent roles and experiences of researching, teaching and writing about companies for respected entities including Moneyweek, ShareScope and Investors Chronicle.

Are you an institutional investor or private investor? What are your views or opinions on the markets at present? Please lets us know. We look forward to hearing from you. You can find more research articles, interviews, podcasts, videos and investment insights on our website and across some of our social media platforms that include TwitterLinkedInAudioBoom, iTunes , Soundcloud, Google and YouTube 


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