Welcome to the 25th CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on the 14th July 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with Jonathan Curry @jpsc01 on Twitter. Jonathan is a Trained Accountant, Company Director, Angel Investor, Equity Investor, Blogger and Non Executive Director.

Jonathan started investing when he was around sixteen years of age. He had been educated on the merits of investing by his Dad, who bought and sold shares. He remembers fondly his Dad explaining to him, “Shares are one of the few ways you can get rich by someone else doing all the work”. With the little spare money that he had as a teenager, he made his first investments in the Investment Trust sector.

After going to University, where he successfully attained a Degree in Politics, he then trained and qualified as an Accountant. His additional knowledge as an Accountant has enabled him to better assess the accounts and assets of a company. He is a great believer in thoroughly reading company RNS’s and also comparing them to previous RNS’s released by that company. This enables Jonathan to notice any red flags that many others might have overlooked. It also enables Jonathan to be comfortable with his selections until he decides that they have reached full value. He also does all this without spending too much time in front of his computer screens.

Listen now to gain insights into how Jonathan researches, selects his investments and learn from the lessons in his successful and investing journey.

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