Welcome to the 45th CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on 21st April 2017. In this interview, I have the pleasure of speaking with the founding Director and Chief Executive Officer of Investment Quorum, @leerobertsonIQ Lee Robertson. Investment Quorum is an award winning, independent boutique, Wealth management service and Lee is responsible for the business’ strategic direction amongst many other tasks.

Lee grew up a working class family in the town of Brechin, Angus in Scotland. He went to Brechin High School, didn’t go to University and instead went straight into the Royal Navy. More recently however Lee did complete a degree in Financial Services with Edinburgh Napier University by distance learning. Lee spent nine years in the Royal Navy and originally worked in the Communications sector, where he learned morse code. He eventually concluded his service career in the Intelligence section.

He admits that his start in the Financial sector in 1990 was actually by mistake, as he gained his first job with Allied Dunbar as a Sales Associate. In 1991 he moved to Halifax Group where he worked as Financial services manager, and this is where he first met his now Business partner Petronella West. Lee then moved to Royal Scottish Assurance (Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Marketing Group) in 1993 as a Senior Financial Consultant. He remained with RBS until 1995 when he chose to set-up his first firm Capulet Financial Management with a former manager of his from RBS.

Then in October 2000, Lee started Investment Quorum and invited Petronella West to join him. IQ is a deliberately sized boutique wealth management firm delivering high quality financial planning and investment solutions to private clients, trusts and charities. He describes the ethos at IQ as “absolutely client first”. This is proven out by the fact that IQ have won many industry awards, many of which have been voted for by their peers. Additionally Lee* and Petronella have also won individual industry awards for their outstanding work and achievements in the Wealth Management /Financial services sector. *Just a month earlier Lee had won an International business award for leadership in UK Wealth Management

Lee describes himself as an international investor with preference for the tech sector. He also likes bluechips that pay a dividend. The first share he purchased was that of British Gas via the privatisation of British Gas Corporation by the UK Government in August 1986. Through its numerous splits, de-mergers and mergers, Lee still holds his shares in British Gas in its current guise of Centrica. With regards to private investments, Lee describes himself as fairly “middle of the road” investor: not too aggressive, not too conservative. He likes the tech, healthcare and biotech industries and likes to collect his dividends. With regards to investing, Lee is an advocate of “stay in the market, get in and stay in” and if you don’t require the money stay invested and stick to your plan as you should not be reacting to macro events.

This discussion provides a fascinating insight into the journey that Lee has taken, which so far has encompassed Scotland, Royal Navy, Communications, Sales, Mortgages, Finances Services, Public speaking, Wealth Management, Investment Quorum and much much more.

The topics we discussed include:

-Power of compound investing;
-Timing Markets;
-Financial costs;
-Continual learning;
-Timing markets;
-Public speaking;
-Moral compass;
-Clients first;
-Lessons learnt;
-Warren Buffett;

Having worked in Financial services and Wealth Management sectors since 1990, Lee had a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been recognised globally. Listen now to gain insights into how Lee Robertson selects, researches and filters his personal investments dependent on the macro environment and the duration that he holds his investments for. Learn from the lessons in his successful, insightful vast investing journey.

Listen now to gain insights into how Lee invests and learn from the lessons in his successful and insightful investing journey.

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