Welcome to the 9th CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with Malcolm Palle @malcolmpalle . Malcolm’s career started in the Travel and Leisure sector as a Tour Guide in Eastern Europe and he is now a serial entrepreneur and shrewd private investor. He admittedly had “no strategy” in the 1980’s and learnt a lot of expensive lessons, especially during the 1987 crash. One of Malcolm’s favourite maxims is “Markets are only really there for two things, to make you money or to teach you a lesson”.

His entrepreneurial streak started when he was a Managing Director of CBNP Ltd and he pioneered the company going into Value Added Services (VAS) within the mobile telecoms Service Provider (SP) niche. In 2000 the business was acquired and integrated into an insurance administration operator.
He also founded Garantia Nationala SA, a Specialist Travel Insurance Service Provider based in Bucharest, Romania. After running the company successfully for two years, the business was acquired in 1998 by the domestic Romanian Insurer, Carrier Alliance Tiriac.

He is currently the co-Founder and Director of Catalyst Information Services Ltd. The flagship operation is a fast growing investor hub and web publisher @theminingmaven http://www.miningmaven.com/ focusing on investment opportunities in the mining, exploration, natural resources energy and clean-tech sector. Established in 2009 MiningMaven has grown to become one of the leading investor communications and web publishing services with a primary focus on the UK and Australian small cap natural resources markets.

In addition, @UKInvestorForum http://www.ukinvestorforums.com/ was formed in 2013 as an Events organiser with a focus on emerging opportunities and alternative investments. His role within both areas of the business focuses on development, strategy marketing and sales.

In March 2014 with an eye on the Bitcoin revolution, Malcolm founded @CoinsiliumGroup http://coinsilium.com/ . Coinsilium was the first Bitcoin/Blockchain IPO in the world when it joined the ISDX Growth Market in December 2014. The company is now set to be a major player in this emerging area.

Now an experienced and shrewd private investor with a refined investment strategy, Malcolm has numerous examples of exceptional returns including that of Red Rock Resources. He started buying RRR in 2009 at 0.25p and his timing and cyclical analysis led him to vast profits as the stock hit 16.00p and went as high asMalcolmp.

Listen now to gain insights into how Malcom invests and learn from the lessons in his investing journey.

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