Welcome to the 32nd CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @NicTrades Nicola Duke. Nic works for a Fund is also highly sought after for her trading and technical analysis expertise, covering up to 36 markets, including Oil, FX, Metals and grains.

Nic is from an Army family and so moved around a lot. Her Mum was always interested in stocks and shares and when Nic was 15 years of age, her Mum opened a sub investing account for her. At this stage she tended to followed recommendations given to her by her Mum and these tended to be Blue Chips.
Nic joined the Royal Air Force as a Commissioned Officer and Air Traffic Controller in 1988 and completed her role with the RAF in 1992. After successfully attaining her Civilian Authorities Air Traffic Control qualifications Nic went onto work at Heathrow in 1992. Shortly after starting at Heathrow Nic discovered that a Hedge Fund had recruited some Air Traffic Controllers to see if they could make good Traders. After that Nic interests in trading and investing were reinvigorated and she was determined to teach herself how to become a professional Trader.

Nic’s journey to becoming a professional trader took a few diversions and learning as many strategies as possible. Before she went to work at BD Capital in March 2008 as a Trader and Technical Analyst. She remained with BD Capital for seven year and that was followed by a short time as a Commodity derivatives and currency trader, Technical Analyst at FuturesTechs Ltd.

Nic currently works for a Fund and is a regular guest contributor when media outlets seek a professional trader with charting expertise. Nic is a huge fan of Fibonacci levels, charting patterns especially Heikin Aashi candles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candlestick_chart and believer in sticking to your strategy and to be patient.

Nic’s Technical Analysis based trading strategy is sought after globally as she is a recognised technical charting specialist. Listen now to gain insights into how Nic trades and learn from the lessons in her successful, insightful investing and trading journey. Plus the benefits of charting as a purely Technical trader and finding a simple strategy using Technical Analysis, trading Indices, Stocks and FX. #LEARNING #TRADING #TECHNICALANALYSIS #CHARTING #INVESTING #CONKERSCORNER

Swing Trade Ideas from a Professional Trader NicTrades Financial Markets

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