Welcome to the 28th CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with the co-founder and Director of Private Clients at Investment Quorum, @PetronellaW Petronella West. Investment Quorum is an award winning independent boutique Wealth management service.

Petronella started her journey in Financial Services at the age of 18 years opting not to finish her A levels as she had a passion to get into the world of work. Having started off in Administration, Petronella spent ten years at the Halifax Independent Financial Advisers where she completed all Financial Planning exams and achieved great success. She went self-employed in 1997 and co-founded Investment Quorum
http://investmentquorum.com/ in October 2000 with Lee Robertson who is currently their Chief Executive Officer.

Investment Quorum is a deliberately sized boutique wealth management firm delivering high quality financial planning and investment solutions to private clients, trusts and charities. Petronella has channelled her passion, energy and ability to build and maintain client relationships. She is extremely focused on providing personalised financial planning strategies and excellent investment solutions. Petronella’s ethos for Investment Quorum is to support clients that are enlightened and informed about the valued added benefits of great financial planning. She is passionate about maintaining integrity, having your clients at the core of everything and believes that the client always comes first.

Petronella first started investing into her pension in her twenties and then got involved in the property market. She describes herself as a “very high risk investor”. Her principles are aligned with one of her investment gurus Warren Buffett, in that one should “know exactly what you are getting involved in”. Therefore she is firm believer in a long-term equity only, invest and hold strategy, seeking long-term value to have capital for retirement and long term goals. She stresses that one should never get emotionally attached to a Fund Manager and be prepared to leave those funds that are not performing.

Listen now to gain insights into how Petronella invests and learn from the lessons in her successful and insightful investing journey.

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