Welcome to the 22nd SHARE TALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on 8th July 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with Phil Oakley @PhilJOakley. Phil is an Investment analyst at ShareScope.

Phil never envisaged a career in the Investment industry, however his love for numbers and Economics led to him doing a couple of Degrees. After he graduated with a MSc in International Banking, Economics & Finance from Liverpool Business School in 1996, Phil went to work for BWD Rensburg, a Liverpool based investment manager. In 2001, he joined ABN AMRO as a transport analyst. After a brief spell as a food retail analyst, he spent five years with ABN’s very successful UK Smaller Companies team where he covered engineering, transport and support services stocks.

In 2007, Phil joined Halbis Capital Management as a European equities analyst. However after thirteen years of working for both stockbroking and Fund Management companies Phil knew that he had to get out of the industry. Underlying this was also Phil’s passion for writing and research and the realisation that he wanted to educate private investors.

In 2010 Phil went to work as the Senior Investment Writer for MoneyWeek magazine. He remained there for three years before being headhunted for his writing, research and analytical skills by Tim Clarke, who was General Manager of ShareScope. Phil has been instrumental in helping the software designers at ShareScope put together both the more recent ShareScope evolving platform and the SharePad software platform. He has also been writing educational articles for the ShareScope website https://www.sharescope.co.uk/index.jsp Britain’s best-selling investment software.

Listen now to gain insights into how Phil invests and learn from the lessons in his investing journey.

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