Welcome to the 36th CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on 23st November 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with the former Deutsche Bank, Liberum and Credit Suisse Oil and Gas Analyst @mundyrob Robert Mundy. This year Robert co-founded Research Tree, which provides Equity research, broker reports and media content to private and non-institutional investors, thus levelling the playing field with regards to access to the latest investment research.

Robert studied Physics at Brighton University, where his first interest in investing began, “but not in a serious way”. He admits though, that he did “dabble at a little bit” from share tips, which “turned out to be terrible investments”. After University, Robert went on to work at Deutsche Bank in an Equity derivatives role. However it was not until he went to London Business School to study for his MBA and was taught by amazing professors and teachers, including Luke Johnson of Risk Capital Partners, that Robert got serious about investing. He was also inspired by reading Warren Buffett letters, Joel Greenblatt and their methodology and strategies.

After completing his MBA in 2009, Robert went to work for Liberum the broker, as a Trader, then an Oil & Gas research analyst before leading the European Exploration and Production (E&P) coverage for Credit Suisse. Seven years after working with both companies Robert co-founded Research Tree, as an online research aggregator platform for private investors. To enable them to “make better informed investment decisions by having broad access to high quality research for the first time” https://www.research-tree.com/ “Equity research, produced by the UK’s corporate broking houses and independents, has until now been the preserve of institutional investors.” Robert and his team endeavour to provide investors with invaluable research notes and analysis that could enable them to make even better informed choices with regards to to their investments.

Listen now to gain insights into how Robert researches stocks and shares and how he invests in his now diversified portfolio. Learn from the lessons in his successful, insightful investing journey.

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