Welcome to the 8th CONKERS’ CORNER. In this podcast I have the pleasure of speaking with Roz Sherali @Aim_Trading or Roz as everyone knows her on Twitter. Roz’s first interest in stocks and shares evolved from the Conservative government’s de-nationalisation policy of utilities and services. She participated in some the privatisations in the early 1990s, including that of Scottish Power.

Roz is an ex-Investment Banker and has worked for both Deutsche Bank & JP Morgan.
Whilst she sees her trading & investing as a hobby, it is one that she is very passionate about. She describes herself as a “high risk investor” that enjoys “taking very high risks in stocks”. Her strategy of researching strong high risk AIM-listed companies, with strong fundamentals, great management and getting her timing right has led her to some notable successes. These include UKOG, KRS and 88E where she made >1100% on her initial investment. Listen now to gain insights into how she invests, how she manages the high risks and learn from the lessons in her investing journey.

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