Welcome to the 14th CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with Steve Larratt @slarratt1 on Twitter.

Many on Twitter call Steve “Mr 88E” because of the fact that he completed more than a staggering 600 hours of in depth research into 88 Energy after finding what he thought was a once in life-time investing opportunity. Unlike many Steve did not covet ‘his’ research, he instead freely shared it with many investors via Bulletin boards, Twitter, discussion forums and across social media. Steve accumulated shares in 88E over several tranches and the lowest price that he paid for a tranche was 0.33p. At one stage Steve’s profit was more than 1200% on his cheapest tranche. At 88E’s recent peak, Steve ‘s name was lauded every where he went because he made several investors that had followed his extensive research “very rich indeed”.

Many of you will be wondering how or indeed why would someone spend 600 hours researching one stock. Well therein lays Steve’s background as an Internal Analytical Research Auditor, where he was employed by a significant organisation to find items and truths that individuals and entities did not want found.
Steve only started investing in stocks around 2009 after seeing many of his colleagues making money from investing in stocks. It was around this time that Steve came into some money. He admits that when he first started out investing he didn’t do much research and “would punt money” because he was cash rich. He learned very quickly that that could not be his long-term strategy. Hence he now does what many would call forensic research.

As a shrewd private investor and generous sharer of information, Steve has numerous examples of exceptional returns including that of Rockhopper, Melrose Industries, Greggs and of course 88E. Listen now to gain insights into how Steve invests, how he researches potential stocks and learn from the lessons in his investing journey.

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