Welcome to the 30th CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview, I have the pleasure of speaking with @tamzinpiworld Tamzin Freeman a private investor, co-founder of 2TF: a video production company for investors and public relations and PI WORLD, which publishes the videos recorded at Mello, ShareSoc, company presentations and other investor events.

As a toddler Tamzin learnt essential components with regard to investing from her highchair, as her parents ran a global concern manufacturing CornishWare. She heard talk of Forex exchange rates, investments required to run a business and how businesses coped when things went wrong. This early initiation led Tamzin into a career in Sales and Marketing, with the majority of time in advertising. She also attained a Diploma in marketing, from The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Tamzin is a successful private investor, who has invested in shares for the last 30 years. Over this period, Tamzin has refined and improved her investment strategies with the goal of having a significant nest egg for retirement. In 2015, Tamzin decided to combine her private investor insights with her husband Tim’s 30 years of experience in the broadcast television and video industry. They have set up their own video production business: 2tf.co.uk and Private Investor site: PIWorld.co.uk . If you have attended a recent ShareSoc, Mello or Investor related event, you are likely to have seen the formidable duo, Tamzin and Tim, as the camera crew.
Tamzin takes her investing nous as private investor to every event, which enables her to engage with fellow investors, CEOS, CFOs and Presenters from a private investors perspective.

Listen now to gain insights into how Tamzin invests and learn from the lessons in her successful and insightful investing journey.

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