“Twin Petes Investing” is a collaboration between Peter @conkers3 and the Award Breaking Peter @WheelieDealer.

Both of us have several decades of involvement with the Markets and are Full Time Investors who find the day to day rigours of the ever-changing quest to make financial returns from the increasingly volatile markets fascinating. As anyone who has even just a limited amount of experience taking on the Markets will know, everybody has their own unique style and ways of taking on the challenge and although our methods have similarities, it is anticipated that our “Twin Petes Investing” podcasts will bring a range of perspectives and thoughts.

Thank you all for your generous and kind feedback after hearing and listening to our  #TwinPetesInvesting podcasts. 

Here is a sample of some feedback regarding  our previous podcast:

@diyinvestornet More wise words from the Twin Petes – if you haven’t done so before, give their podcast a listen, its well worth the effort.
@minesh_parmar Definitely support the podcasts being available on iTunes! These honest, informative and open discussions are a must for all investors in my view; beginners or experienced! Keep it up guys.
@SueRodg53602971 Great listen by “The Petes” full of intersting stuff done in a way thats easy to listen to. Sound a little rocky in places but you know that. Thanks for the time you guys put into it.
@BeansBottom  Thanks guys for another insightful episode of #twinpetesinvesting Always enjoyable.

 @lobsterinvest  Finally remembered to listen to the Twin Pete’s podcast. Great content. Thanks for

@wheeliedealer and @conkers3 for sharing your wealth of Knowledge & experience. Looking forward to listening to the rest.

Thank you all for your kind words and continued support. It is very much appreciated. We will continue to innovate with this podcast format and style therefore your continued feedback is essential. We will also continue to gauge whether we are taking this educational investing vehicle in the right direction.
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In Part 1 of the twelfth podcast the topics and stocks discussed include:
How to get very rich slowly;
BooHoo #BOO;
Astra Zeneca #AZN;
Imperial Brands #IMB;
British American Tobacco #BATS;
Royal Dutch Shell #RDSA;
Burford Capital #BUR;
Ixico #IXI;
Metro Bank #MTRO;
Thomas Cook #TCG;
IG Group #IGG;
Profit warnings
Sirius Minerals #SXX;
Andrew Sykes #ASY;
Pearson #PSON;
General Markets;
Fast fashion;
Hydrodec #HYR;
Marks & Spencer #MKS;
Poor Management;
Portfolio performance;
Risks of listening to or following the herd;
& more.

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