Hello and welcome to you all,  Pete @WheelieDealer and I, Peter Higgins @conkers3 are proud and honoured to inform you that the Twin Petes Investing podcasts are now being broadcast and published in association with Sharepad from ShareScope.

To mark this fantastic occasion SharePad from ShareScope have a special  offer for Twin Petes Investing podcast listeners. For new subscribers only, you will get your second months subscription FREE.  Simply click on the icon.

If you are new to this podcast, please let me take a moment to explain “Twin Petes Investing” is a collaboration between Peter @conkers3 and the Award Breaking Peter @WheelieDealer. We have several decades of involvement and experience of the stock market, stocks, shares, funds, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and dealing with volatility. We are Full Time Investors who find the day to day rigours of the ever-changing quest to make financial returns from the increasingly volatile markets fascinating. Just for clarity other than when we are presenting Twin Petes Investing LIVE at events as we have been fortunate to do at Mello Events, we are conducting our podcasts from completely different locations, with one of us in Windsor, Berkshire and the other in Leicestershire.

As anyone who has even just a limited amount of experience taking on the Markets will know, everybody has their own unique style and ways of taking on the challenge and although our methods have similarities, it is anticipated that our “Twin Petes Investing” podcasts will bring a range of perspectives and thoughts.


Since the press release announcing the sponsorship deal of the Twin Petes Investing podcasts by SharePad from ShareScope, we have received phenomenal response of congratulations and of listeners celebrating the good news. Here are some examples:

@battlebus141  This is fantastic news for the two Petes, I can’t think of a more deserving pair of investors who with hard work and time do so much for the investing community so well done on your sponsorship by sharepad.

@philjoakley Great news for @conkers3 @wheeliedealer and @ShareScope . Wishing Twin Petes Investing every future success.

@DianaEPatterson This is wonderful news. Twin Petes are two great investors who carry out thorough research yet are kind enough to share their extensive knowledge and experience. It’s beneficial to new and experienced investors alike. It’s also great fun! Wishing you both continued success.

@InvestingMartin Congratulations chaps, I know a lot of hard work has gone into the TPI project. Looking forward to the future. Thank you for all your podcasts.

@HTVIOLA  Huge congratulations to @wheeliedealer and @conkers3 for this fantastic milestone. To anyone considering starting a podcast, you could learn a lot from their focus on consistent high value and great humour!

@slarratt1  Having known @conkers3 and @wheeliedealer a number of years I can safely say that they are honest and genuine. Their knowledge and insight into the markets and their connections with the industry are enviable. Sponsorship shows their value unlike other podcasts out there.
@GrindertraderUK  In times of constant negative headlines I’m chuffed to hear of your and @conkers3 Twin Petes podcast developments with @sharescope #sharepad. Fantastic! This support , joint sharing of ideas, educational strategies, benefits all private investors. Congratulations.
@TreesieTT Knowing you both and how grounded and transparent you both are, this is great news, well done guys, well deserved.
@GrahamB33457078  Thats good news. Fan of Sharepad and Twin Petes so looking forward to it. Well done Twin Petes
@dancraddockfilm  Proud to know you mate very well done, absolutely deserved! I think one of the most important elements of the success of your podcast is that it’s delivered with humility, kindness and humour… that’s what people relate to.. always helps when the content is pretty good too.
@ricky2martin  I would like to share an amazing inspirational person, @conkers3 I can call my Brother.on their podcast becoming live and @wheeliedealer If your interested in investing etc, these are the guys to listen to, raw and honest and very funny.knowledge is the key and these guys have it
 @sloan_phil Brilliant news! Congratulations guys – very well deserved!
@lobsterinvest  HUGE congratulations chaps. Thoroughly deserved. You both go above and beyond to help everyone. Keep up the great work.
@minesh_parmar Truly well deserved and recognition of both your efforts and brilliant insights! Look forward to seeing ever more successes in the future for you! Congratulations!
@Belcourtoi Awesome news Peter, look forward to more podcasts
@calvoreon  Fantastic news and a sign of recognition for Sharepad! Well done for being approved by @conkers3 and @wheeliedealerto sponsor their podcast.
@Woody090385  Fantastic achievement for best buddies @wheeliedealer  @conkers3  sky’s the limit ..it’ll be national radio next then their own place on tv #itv I hope…well done guys..you’re the best #humbledinyourpresence
Here are examples of the most recent feedback we received regarding the #TwinPetesInvesting Podcast number 22, which we added to our Soundcloud , AudioBoom and iTunes channels.
@gnethercottpga  First time listener, most enjoyable. Looking forward to following your journeys & discussion in the investment world. Thanks & congrats on the relationship with sharepad
@TheReluctantIn2  Great podcast enjoyed whilst doing yet more gardening. Corporate SP intro jingle adding yet more class. Can’t believe Pete didn’t retort “I really think so” when WD said I think “We’re turning Japanese” tho’
@AndrewSmith259  Really enjoyed this podcast. Really good to hear that SharePad/ShareScope are now sponsoring the podcast. Well done both of you building such a popular podcast. I’ve just started using SharePad about a month ago. Great application.
@ian_tambo55  Listened to the podcast and found really interesting, esp as a private investor- thanks
@EdwinMakurah  Excellent show, as usual.

@InvestedGeordie  Enjoyed this whilst mowing the lawn. Thanks @conkers3 @wheeliedealer .

@RaviaLakhani  Another brilliant podcast lads. Lots of sense talked and love the honest approach even when you have got stocks wrong.
@InvestmentBee  Just listened guys. Interesting as ever. Congratulations on the sponsorship.

@RidyardMike  Latest podcast from Twin Petes. A good listen as always, sound quality seemed a bit better.

@livvo1 Very good as always. Well done on sponsorship.


A big THANK YOU to all our listeners for your kind words and continued support. It is very much appreciated. Your response to our TwinPetesInvesting podcasts going onto AudioBoom and iTunes has been brilliant and for that we are truly grateful. We will continue to innovate with this podcast format and style therefore your continued feedback is essential. We will also continue to gauge whether we are taking this educational investing vehicle in the right direction.
If you are new to our podcasts – welcome. If are back for more – thank you. Please SUBSCRIBE to our TwinPetesInvesting channels where you will find our latest podcasts. By doing so you will never miss out on any of our future TwinPetesInvesting podcasts.
Are you accessing our TwinPetesInvesting podcasts via
or SoundCloud or elsewhere please do let us know?
Please listen now and share this new Twin Petes Investing Podcast No.23 brought in association with SharePad from ShareScope:
The topics, stocks and shares discussed include:
How to find 10 bagger stocks
The importance of doing your own research
Loopup / LOOP
Vistry / VTY
Volga Gas / VGAS
Bango / BGO
ITM Power / ITM
Lamprell / LAM
French Connection / FCCN
Seeing Machine / SEE
Zoom $ZM
Future / FUTR
Versarien / VRS
AstraZeneca / AZN
Arm Holding / ARM
Burford Capital / BUR
House builders
Importance of trading volume
Mobile Payments
Working from home
Mental Health / Mental Health Awareness
Cloud based technology
Ramping groups
Artificial Intelligence
EyeTracking technology
Machine Learning
Investing mistakes
Technical Analysis
Alternative Energy
Hydrogen energy / H2
AIM Governance
Bear Trap
The R rate
Care Homes the Covid19 risks
PPE provision
NHS Heroes
Covid19 Lockdown
$WTI Oil Capitulation / Recovery
Covid19 Wave 1 / Wave 2
Test, Track & Trace
Schools opening / Teaching / Teachers
Negative interest rates
Red flags
Trading & more
The Twin Petes Investing podcasts will be linked to and written about on the Conkers3 website  and also on the WheelieDealer website 

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