Hello and welcome to you all,  Pete @WheelieDealer and I, Peter Higgins @conkers3 are proud and honoured to inform you that the Twin Petes Investing podcasts are now being broadcast and published in association with Sharepad from ShareScope.

To mark this fantastic occasion SharePad from ShareScope have a special  offer for Twin Petes Investing podcast listeners. For new subscribers only, you will get your second months subscription FREE.  Simply click on the icon.

If you are new to this podcast, please let me take a moment to explain “Twin Petes Investing” is a collaboration between Peter @conkers3 and the Award Breaking Peter @WheelieDealer. We have several decades of involvement and experience of the stock market, stocks, shares, funds, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and dealing with volatility. We are Full Time Investors who find the day to day rigours of the ever-changing quest to make financial returns from the increasingly volatile markets fascinating. Just for clarity other than when we are presenting Twin Petes Investing LIVE at events as we have been fortunate to do at Mello Events, we are conducting our podcasts from completely different locations, with one of us in Windsor, Berkshire and the other in Leicestershire.

As anyone who has even just a limited amount of experience taking on the Markets will know, everybody has their own unique style and ways of taking on the challenge and although our methods have similarities, it is anticipated that our “Twin Petes Investing” podcasts will bring a range of perspectives and thoughts.


Since the press release announcing the sponsorship deal of the Twin Petes Investing podcasts by SharePad from ShareScope, we have received phenomenal response of congratulations and of listeners celebrating the good news. Thank you all for your continued support.

Here are examples of the most recent feedback we received regarding the #TwinPetesInvesting Podcast number 23, which we added to our Soundcloud , AudioBoom , iTunes channels and for the first time our Spotify channel.
@diyinvestornet  Good work #twinpetesinvesting – that’s my dog walk sorted later. If you haven’t found the boys yet, invest an hour and a quarter of yourself; you’ll be entertained, and you just might learn something. Who else is going to the ‘ten bagger’ first?!
@obone747  Just listened to whole of podcast. The DYOR reminder advice, don’t listen to the noise and PYO is my philosophy as well. The satisfaction with it paying off is immense.
@EnglishFox101  Great podcast
@turtonm1407  Great listen again guys
@TheReluctantIn2  Entertaining as ever guys.Small tip:you can text each other whilst recording instead of dancing around THAT safeword.
@Michael51492851  Just listened to your podcast – thanks both.
@Woody090385 , @desaparecido44 this is the only podcast I would recommend ..@wheeliedeeler
@conkers3  are very experienced investors & offer some very useful advice especially to newbies..no nonsense & no ulterior motive other than to help people . There are plenty to listen to.
A big THANK YOU to all our listeners for your kind words and continued support. It is very much appreciated. Your response to our TwinPetesInvesting podcasts going onto SoundCloud , AudioBoom , iTunes and Spotify has been brilliant and for that we are truly grateful. We will continue to innovate with this podcast format and style therefore your continued feedback is essential. We will also continue to gauge whether we are taking this educational investing vehicle in the right direction.
If you are new to our podcasts – welcome. If are back for more – thank you. Please SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE to our TwinPetesInvesting channels where you will find our latest podcasts. By doing so you will never miss out on any of our future TwinPetesInvesting podcasts.
Are you accessing our TwinPetesInvesting podcasts via
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Please listen now and share this new Twin Petes Investing Podcast No.25 brought yo to in association with SharePad from ShareScope with your investing and trading friends and associates:
The topics, stocks and shares discussed include:
Is cash king?
Games Workshop  GAW
Frontier Developments FDEV
Fevertree FEVR
Halfords HFD
Gresham House Energy Storage Fund GRID
Ocado OCDO
Hargreaves Lansdown HL.
Primary Health Properties PHP
Luceco LUCE
Plus500 PLUS
Averaging down
Fear of missing out
Risk Profile
European Central Bank (ECB)
Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP)
Discount/Premium to NAV
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