Hello and welcome to you all,  Pete @WheelieDealer and I, Peter Higgins @conkers3 are proud and honoured to inform you that the Twin Petes Investing podcasts are now being broadcast and published in association with Sharepad from ShareScope.

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If you are new to this podcast, please let me take a moment to explain “Twin Petes Investing” is an unscripted collaboration between Twitter investing personalities Peter Higgins (conkers) @conkers3  on Twitter and the Award Breaking Pete (WheelieDealer) @WheelieDealer on Twitter. We have several decades of involvement and experience of the stock market, stocks, shares, funds, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and dealing with volatility. We are Full Time Investors who find the day to day rigours of the ever-changing quest to make financial returns from the increasingly volatile markets fascinating. Just for clarity other than when we are presenting Twin Petes Investing LIVE at events as we have been fortunate to do at Mello Events, we are conducting our podcasts from completely different locations, with one of us in Windsor, Berkshire and the other in Leicestershire.

As anyone who has even just a limited amount of experience taking on the Markets will know, everybody has their own unique style and ways of taking on the challenge and although our methods have similarities, it is anticipated that our “Twin Petes Investing” podcasts will bring a range of perspectives and thoughts.



SharePad from ShareScope have a SPECIAL OFFER for Twin Petes Investing podcast listeners.

For new subscribers only, you will get your second months subscription

FREE. Simply click here NOW!

Here are examples of the most recent feedback we received regarding the #TwinPetesInvesting Podcast number 37, which we added to our Soundcloud , AudioBoom , iTunes , Spotify , Google Podcasts & Overcast channels:

@sholdsworth1963   These Twin Petes podcasts are just so consistently very good now. Great stock ideas and such friendly flowing banter too.

@rchrdsut76  Really great update, enjoyed listening to podcast and nice updates. I listen on soundcloud. I pick it up on Twitter and then go across to soundcloud. I’ve listen to the last three, really genuine, variety of investment ideas and general chat which is great

@SueRodg53602971  Just listened to twinpetes 37 podcast @wheeliedealer @conkers3 another good one guys. Interesting portion on #LOOP Hope you were comfy on the sofa Pete.
@achildofthe70s   TPI 37 from @conkers3 and @wheeliedealer was another good listen for me. I enjoyed the discussion around #LOOP and the dangers of following the herd once everyone is talking about a stock. Very easy to do and get caught up in the enthusiasm. Thanks again both.
@fei5al   #TwinPetesInvesting Podcast 37. Great discussion. So much to learn from the two Petes. #BOO of particular interest to me. I have found winning takes some getting used to. It’s a habit I’m slowly developing. Thanks for sharing!
@BunglezI   #LOOP great bit of insight from the Pete’s on this poddy if your doing a bit of research around this one.
@Ramraj35hotmai1  Enjoyed the pod from 2 nice genuine gents, interestingly I was looking at pets when shares published it in September & up 87% since.
@Robin60457465   *Thank you for mentioning us in Ukraine. My friends came walking with their cats with a beer and they knocked on the door, they get excited and shout that listeners in Ukraine were mentioned in the podcast. I am very pleased, I bought a loop at the price of 80 rubles. I hope to make money on the new barn. *Translated from Russian.
@Woodysue@conkers3 @wheeliedealer another interesting relaxed pod from 2 highly respected investors.. my holding through losses & seeing recovery is not such a bad thing after all…
@obone747   With @conkers3 always useful advice from your long experience.
@RidyardMike   On my morning walk today listened to TwinPetes Podcast no.37. One of their best podcasts to date imo(Tick). Sound quality (Tick), no C19 discussion (Tick), ,great content(Tick).  WD was on form and most certainly helped by sitting on the sofa(Tick). I am a new holder of #LOOP so an interested listener.
@HTVIOLA   I agree – they strike an excellent tone and are highly enjoyable.
@jeanblackjean   Listened to new podcast, as usual very interesting and informative about a variety of shares, the podcasts get better and better, thank you for all the work you both put into them.
@TheReluctantIn2   Listened whilst pre-Xmas decorating and cannot agree more re keeping some kind of investing journal. Write down somewhere why you hold what you do.This account itself forms part of that for me, alongside Sharepad notes. You won’t regret consulting that info in a downturn.
@DVB99   another very entertaining podcast, well worth a listen.
@Michael51492851   Hi Pete and Peter, Just listened to pod 37 Always learn at least one new thing and am reminded of several Even more appealing as I know you both and do not have to consider you might be feathering your nest Congratulations on 2 years, when is the party? @wheeliedealer @conkers3
@SellarsIan ,  @wheeliedelaer @conkers3 great YouTube cast as usual , looking forward to your Christmas special.
@illgetugadget   highlight for me was when Pete said we know none[the vast majority] of the other commentators are not actually doing this/living this with their own money and you can tell, so so true.
@ConnaireMcG   Thanks for the special mention!
@MarkPeazold ,  @conkers3 @wheelidealer years of experience. Thanks.
@AndyDucksbury ,   @conkers3 @wheeliedealer @ShareScope , Love the podcast! Fantastic honest and thought provoking, thank you. For those interested in investing add it to your list of podcasts.
Special mention to @BeansBottom for the funniest Tweet. With a film showing the Global imploding the caption from another person reads ” What do you do in this situation” @BeansBottom replied. “Listen to the latest #TWINPETESINVESTING from @wheeliedealer and  @conkers3.
A big THANK YOU to all our listeners for your kind words and continued support. It is very much appreciated. Your response to our TwinPetesInvesting podcasts on SoundCloud , AudioBoom , iTunes , Spotify ,  Google Podcasts , Youtube and Overcast channels has been brilliant and for that we are truly grateful. We will continue to innovate with this podcast format and style therefore your continued feedback is essential. We will also continue to gauge whether we are taking this educational investing vehicle in the right direction.
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The topics, stocks and shares mentioned/discussed include:


Mega Mergers

Valneva / VLA

Adobe / $ADBE

LF Blue Whale Growth Fund

AstraZeneca / AZN

Alexion Pharmaceuticals / ALXN

GlaxoSmithKline / GSK

Vectura / VEC

Hikma Pharma / HIK

FTSE 100

Smiths Group / SMIN

Aviva / AV.

GoCo Group / GOCO

Future Plc / FUTR

Telit Communications / TCM

Team17 Group/ TM17

Codemasters / CDM

Electronic Arts / $EA

Take Two Interactive / $TTWO

Brand Architekts / BAR

Lok’N Store / LOK

Hipgnosis / SONG

Mpac Group / MPAC

Superdry / SDRY

Royal Mail / RMG

AA Plc / AA.

Saga / SAGA

Has the Santa Rally started?

Risk Management


Concentration of portfolio / Diversification

Poetry corner


AirBnB / $ABNB

Pfizer / $PFE

BioNTech / $BNTX

Takeover strategy


Build & Grow acquisitive strategy

Mariah Carey

Dua Lipa


Forex / FX

Be a guest on the TwinPetes podcast



& More


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