Hello and welcome to you all,  Pete @WheelieDealer and I, Peter Higgins @conkers3 are proud and honoured to inform you that the Twin Petes Investing podcasts are now being broadcast and published in association with Sharepad from ShareScope.

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If you are new to this podcast, please let me take a moment to explain “Twin Petes Investing” is an unscripted collaboration between Twitter investing personalities Peter Higgins (conkers) @conkers3  on Twitter and the Award Breaking Pete (WheelieDealer) @WheelieDealer on Twitter. We have several decades of involvement and experience of the stock market, stocks, shares, funds, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and dealing with volatility. We are Full Time Investors who find the day to day rigours of the ever-changing quest to make financial returns from the increasingly volatile markets fascinating. Just for clarity other than when we are presenting Twin Petes Investing LIVE at events as we have been fortunate to do at Mello Events, we are conducting our podcasts from completely different locations, with one of us in Windsor, Berkshire and the other in Leicestershire.

As anyone who has even just a limited amount of experience taking on the Markets will know, everybody has their own unique style and ways of taking on the challenge and although our methods have similarities, it is anticipated that our “Twin Petes Investing” podcasts will bring a range of perspectives and thoughts.



SharePad from ShareScope have a SPECIAL OFFER for Twin Petes Investing podcast listeners.

For new subscribers only, you will get your second months subscription

FREE. Simply click here NOW!

Given the plight of Charities in this ongoing period of lockdown in 2021. We thought it would be a great idea to make the Menphys Charity, the Charity of the Year that we would support via our TwinPetesInvesting podcast. What this means is that whenever and whatever amount a listener of our show would like to donate to the Menphys Charity to support disabled children and their carers, it will be gratefully received and make a huge difference as every penny counts. Any listeners that wish to support our Charity efforts can do so by :

Texting PETES 3 to 70085

or by making a donation on this JustGiving : TwinPetesInvesting Challenge page . Thank you

I would like to take the opportunity to thank every one of our global TwinPetesInvesting podcast listeners that have already kindly made a donation to our Charity Fundraising appeal the TwinPetes Challenge. You are all fantastic and your kindness will make a difference to disabled children, their families and their carers. We have raised £770 excluding gift aid thus far. For those that wish to make a donation, you can do so now by clicking on the above Red Menphys logo and also this PLEASE DONATE NOW LINK.

Here are examples of the most recent feedback we received regarding the #TwinPetesInvesting Podcast number 40, which we added to our Soundcloud , AudioBoom , iTunes , Spotify , Google Podcasts , Youtube & Overcast channels:

@illgetugadget ,  @wheeliedealer @conkers3 thank you both once again for inviting me on your show it was great fun! For anyone else reading this, these two guys (aside from their colossal investment knowledge and experience) are so down to earth and just all round top people. #respecting #investing
@fei5al  Another great episode! Nice to listen to your guest Ryan & his investment journey. Diversifying into Funds was something I did and it worked out quite well. I will be listening to this podcast again. Cheers @conkers3 @wheeliedealer.
@SellarsIan ,  @conkers3 @wheeliedealer one of your best podcasts really enjoyed the interview with Ryan great stuff.
@RidyardMike  Just listened to TwinPetes Podcast no.40, very interesting podcast and great to hear from your young guest investor. I’m sure he will inspire any newbie investor.
@HTVIOLA   A very considered debut performance Ryan! Both Petes are very knowledgeable and highly personable individuals and you were a great addition to the podcast. Hopefully they’ll have you back in the future to update us on your investing journey.
@sholdsworth1963  Terrific podcast chaps. A real return to form. The part with @illgetugadget fitted in superbly. This new format with a guest investor works really well. Donation to @MenphysUK duly made.
@dancraddockfilm  Top show guys! Really good to hear from Ryan, sounds like he knows a great deal about the markets,    excellent insight! And especially as my biggest holding is #SLP also… lazy investing that gets you 15% nothing wrong with that!
@turtonm1407  Another great podcast – Ryan was brilliant to listen to and I wil be taking away a couple of points he made for sure, thanks again.
@TheReluctantIn2   Listened to this earlier. Had a chuckle as you discussed #KGF as I was decorating DD’s room with paint from recent trip to B+Q. Wrong kind of #ScuttleButt Excellent guest appearance by Ryan and well worth a listen as always.
@battlebus141  Another great episode and hats off to Ryan for his contribution. He certainly has his head screwed on and should have a fantastic investing career.  Oh and the Petes they weren’t bad either.
@Rob65139907 Another good podcast guys. I liked the interview and a decent chap ! on your 40th. Bit late listening this time but that just means I get the next one sooner.
@Michael51492851 40th Podcast – you’re middle-aged now! (edited)
@diyinvestornet  Good work chaps – that looks at least part of the answer as to what to do on a grotty old afternoon in January when the European rugby has been postponed; another part is chilling nicely in anticipation. Pip pip
@HMOKnowledgeHub  Thank you another excellent podcast. Very happy to hear that “Free Capital” by Guy Thomas got a mention. A great book for all investors. I have read/listened to it many times.
@PacificoNick  Another great podcast, lots of interesting stuff and nice to get inspiration from @illgetugadget. Good luck all!
@FIRE42030  Superb episode Pete’s , the guest worked really well. So interesting to hear Ryan’s journey as a new investor. Be great to a guest PI on a regular basis talking about their experience.
@VonnieVoiceOver  Very much enjoyed this! Thank you for the insights.
@Ramraj35hotmai1  Great pod, lifted the bar with the guest speaker, would be cool if that could be a reg feature, Fran looks interesting.
@hopton_jason  Great podcast, and very good chat with Ryan. It’s amazing how we all went through the same market scare and had completely different reactions and different views to it. As a fellow “young” investor if you ever want a chat Ryan, feel free to get in touch! Thanks
@jeanblackjean  Very interesting podcast as usual, enjoyed the inclusion of Ryan it was good to get other opinions,the podcast just gets better and better, thank you both for putting so much effort into producing them.
@groupstageexit  Had a listen on my break earlier. Nice guys, I liked the guest segment – he’s an interesting fellow!
@thirty_pablo  New listener here. Very much enjoyed it. Thanks a lot. I got a lot out of it and from the interview too. Will have a listen to some older pods too.
@Lostinthefog5  Great podcast and good luck for the future. Happy to DM if you wish?
@claudiohfox  I’ll donate to this charity @MenphysUK. @conkers3 for the work you do for it. #InclusionMatters. The markets have been kind 2me & research come through. (But I still can’t get to Leicester). After listening to #TPI podcast 40 yesterday it got me thinking about my portfolio, Ryan was an excellent guest btw @conkers3 @wheeliedealer.
@ZJS_Ret  Just finished no 40 podcast . Absolutely great interactions. Ryan was great and interesting approach to investing. #SLP had my eyes on it for a while due to Rhodium. Great addition of guest speakers. All excellent
@MarkPeazold  Another great podcast.great to hear your views and well done to Ryan for sharing his journey and having a plan.
@vsihv  Great podcast and well done Ryan – was really nice hearing about your approach and congratulations on the great year.
@Alex_MMH  An excellent episode, I really enjoyed the interview!
@Mehtaphysical @conkers3 @wheeeliedealer my first time listening to your podcast gents and I really enjoyed it. The 80 odd minutes flew by. I’ll be going through your back catalogue ! Many thanks.
@chintanmahida  Fab podcast and cracking guys. Started my working week with Twin Petes and a cuppa @wheeliedealer @conkers3 support their Menphys charity. People listening in Bhutan, Kenya says it all!
@daveglass1  Woohoo!!! Bathtime listening laters.
@Lotusespritlad  Menphys. Donation made to a very worthy cause. If all the listeners to twin petes could send a few pounds this will add up to many thousands.
@rchrdsut76  Great podcast, really enjoyed it. Thanks.
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The topics, stocks and shares mentioned/discussed include:

The Gamestop saga

Thoughts on the Markets at the moment

Get rich slowly

Wellness/ Mindfulness/ Mental Health

EveryMindMatters / Seasonal Effective Disorder

Scapa Group / SCPA

AFH Financial Group / AFHP

Getech Group / GTC

Tesla / TSLA

Microsoft / MSFT

Gamestop / GME

Amazon / AMZN

McCarthy & Stone / MCS

Intertek / ITRK

Harworth / HWG

Hargreaves Services / HSP

BooHoo / BOO

Sopheon / SPE


Bango / BGO

Lok’n’Store / LOK

Menphys Charity

RobinHood trading

Strategic partnership/ Catalyst

Hedging / Insurance policy

US Tech valuations

High PE/ Overvaluation & Risks

Do Your Own Research

Software as a Service / SaaS


& More


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