Hello and welcome to you all,  Pete @WheelieDealer and I, Peter Higgins @conkers3 are proud and honoured to inform you that the Twin Petes Investing podcasts are now being broadcast and published in association with Sharepad from ShareScope.

To mark this fantastic occasion SharePad from ShareScope have a SPECIAL OFFER for Twin Petes Investing podcast listeners. For NEW SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, you will get your second months subscription FREE.  Click on the Sharepad offer now to secure this offer. Use the PROMO CODE : twinpetes

To mark this fantastic occasion SharePad from ShareScope have a SPECIAL OFFER for Twin Petes Investing podcast listeners. For NEW SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, you will get your second months subscription FREE.  Click on the Sharepad offer now to secure this offer. Use the PROMO CODE: twinpetes

If you are new to this podcast, please let me take a moment to explain “Twin Petes Investing” is an unscripted collaboration between Twitter investing personalities Peter Higgins (conkers) @conkers3  on Twitter and the Award Breaking Pete (WheelieDealer) @WheelieDealer on Twitter. We have several decades of involvement and experience of the stock market, stocks, shares, funds, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and dealing with volatility. We are Full Time Investors who find the day to day rigours of the ever-changing quest to make financial returns from the increasingly volatile markets fascinating. Just for clarity other than when we are presenting Twin Petes Investing LIVE at events as we have been fortunate to do at Mello Events, we are conducting our podcasts from completely different locations, with one of us in Windsor, Berkshire and the other in Leicestershire.

As anyone who has even just a limited amount of experience taking on the Markets will know, everybody has their own unique style and ways of taking on the challenge and although our methods have similarities, it is anticipated that our “Twin Petes Investing” podcasts will bring a range of perspectives and thoughts.




SharePad from ShareScope have a SPECIAL OFFER for Twin Petes Investing podcast listeners. For new subscribers only, you will get your second months subscription FREE. Simply click here NOW! Use the PROMO CODE: twinpetes


Given the plight of Charities in this ongoing period of lockdown in 2021. We thought it would be a great idea to make the Menphys Charity, the Charity of the Year that we would support via our TwinPetesInvesting podcast. What this means is that whenever and whatever amount a listener of our show would like to donate to the Menphys Charity to support disabled children and their carers, it will be gratefully received and make a huge difference as every penny counts. Any listeners that wish to support our Charity efforts can do so by :

Texting PETES 3 to 70085

or by making a donation on this JustGiving : TwinPetesInvesting Challenge page . Thank you

I would like to take the opportunity to THANK EVERY ONE of our global TwinPetesInvesting podcast listeners and those kind individuals don’t yet even listen to show, that have already kindly made a donation to our Charity Fundraising appeal the TwinPetes Challenge. You are all fantastic and your kindness will make a difference to disabled children, their families and their carers. We have raised £3,683.80 excluding gift aid thus far. For those that wish to make a donation, you can do so now by clicking on the above Red Menphys logo and also via this PLEASE DONATE NOW LINK.

Here are examples of the most recent feedback we received regarding the #TwinPetesInvesting Podcast number 50, which we added to our Soundcloud , AudioBoom , iTunes , Spotify , Google Podcasts , Youtube & Overcast channels:

@1James1n1  Congrats on TPI 50 gents (@wheeliedealer & @conkers3) and here’s wishing you the very best as you start the next 50!
@battlebus141  Really enjoyed listening to Martin Stamp and how he’s changed the way private investors manage their stocks. Also loved the line if you fish in the AIM market you’re fishing with piranhas. I’ve been bitten several times myself. Congratulations on your 50th show guys.
@SimplyMoney1@conkers3 @wheeliedealer congrats on the 50th episode of Twin Petes Podcast. An excellent listen filled with informative information & a dash of humour. For a inexperienced investor is their a book you would recommend to help making better investment decisions.
@sloan_phil , Congratulations @conkers3 & @wheeliedealer on your 50th show anniversary!  As a holder of #BMY for several years now, fully agree with your sentiments – cracking little company with hopefully more to come.
@YstoneAdvisory  Listened to another good podcast while at the gym this am. Liked the comments from @wheeliedealer on #PETS and also interested to hear that @conkers3 had recently bought #TEK . This is a stock I mentioned at the @StockSlam in April when SP 11p. IMHO NAV well north of 25p. #DYOR
@bruce_packard  Fascinating podcast interview with the founder of @ShareScope I write a weekly column for them, so have a listen and if you’d like to try the product click on this link.
@ZJS_Ret  Congratulations on the 50th podcast. Always great to listen to. Great speaker in Martin Stamp as the founder of Sharescope/pad. Love the Sharepad s/w which is in daily use. Clearly need to drill down to more exotic features in the future. Thank guys.
@jeanblackjean  Another great podcast, the guest speaker was very interesting, Thank you both for taking the time to put it all together.
@TheReluctantIn2  Another excellent listen whilst getting base ready for another (pub) shed and another interesting surprise guest. I’ve used Sharepad for over a year and barely scratched the (filters) surface.1 thing I’d love is to replicate my manual Google sheets pf asset allocation pie-chart.
@GoLeftMassa  Congratulations on the half-century, @conkers3 & @wheeliedealer! Here’s to the next 50 & then all eyes on the double-hundred! SharePad user myself so Martin’s guest appearance was enjoyable.
@sholdsworth1963 Very well done on the milestone. You have come a long way since those scratchy early ones. @wheeliedealer.
@workingmymoney  Another good week for my aggressive Tech/Growth portfolio. Now only down 2% so far this year, but 13% down from my ATH reached in mid February. Data courtesy of @ShareScope Incidentally, a nice and informative interview with ‘Mr’ Sharescope on Twin Petes latest podcast.
@RichardBeddard  Fascinating on early days of @ShareScope in the late ’90s, not long before I subscribed and how these tools we rely on would not have been possible a year or two earlier The inventor (MD Martin Stamp) was a programmer at Psion, a onetime favourite gadget Waves of nostalgia..
@tcsinvestor  Congratulations guys the 50th episode, only the beginning. Fantastic episode , Great guest on this weeks show Mr Stamp ,as a non Sharepad user he has got me thinking I may be missing out Researching potential platforms atm Anyone use Sharepad and would recommended it?
@kevinvesting86 , @conkers3 @wheeliedealer small donation to @MenphysUK today. Been really enjoying the podcast guys and keep up the good work, a donation felt like the least I could do.
@MikeyWright1970  Brilliant as usual Pete, with a cracking guest as well. Many thanks to you and @conkers3 for this & congratulations for your half-century of podcasts! 
@Ub3rmik3  , @conkers3 awesome show again guys. Highly recommended if your an investor
@philjoakley  Another excellent episode to mark the half century of the Twin Petes podcast. It was very good to hear the interview with Martin Stamp, the man behind @ShareScope and SharePad -two great products that have done so much to help private investors and keep on getting better.
@Ramraj35hotmai1  Congrats on a landmark pod & yr brilliant humble guest, certainly sparked my interest in sharepad when I retire and can make use of this facility, I see another of my 2 stock successes LGEN & BMY mentioned, these 2 & others made me almost triple digits returns this yr
@StuStanford  , @conkers3 @wheeliedealer Great podcast this week chaps, very useful tip from martin stamp for Sharepad column statistics. @conkers3 My pleasure! Filters are extremely useful in finding trending shares. There are some great pre-set filters in the “library” (M Taylor, P Oakley, R Beddard) which I tweak by adding extra metrics. Filtering RNS on watchlist shares is a great time saver too.
@Tucks1977  Fascinating interview with your special guest and congrats on your achievement of 50 Podcasts. here’s to the next 50 which I’m really looking forward to.
@groupstageexit  Very enjoyable mate, and glad you mentioned Bloomsbury #BMY – I firmly agree with wheelie that there’s potential for more upside.
@MyDeargDoom  Always enjoy a podcast when out walking.
@daveglass1  Number 50 folks! Up on @Spotify – numerous other providers are available.
@claudiohfox  Now listening to #TPI E50 with guest Martin from #Sharescope / #Sharepad. Bought his first shares aged 10 (love that) He began his ‘Start Up’ in 1995 with dial up modems & introducing live prices. Groundbreaking @ the time. Very humble but saw the gap & went for it. #Inspiring. I was thinking about this on Friday night & will make another donation to a cause close to my heart. I’ll donate the price of a curry & a few pints every so often (I do donate to other charities too) If your listeners all donated a curry & a pint equivalent you’d have £10k. Great guest in Martin Stamp I’ve just finished the end of the #TPI 50 Podcast while walking the dog. #PETS #PetsAtHome profits are on a bit of a paws. Did you mean that? It was missed. Sooooo many new dogs.
@lincartbrooks  A good listen. Was particularly dismayed that conkers “maybe it’s taking a paws” comment on the pullback of pets didn’t get any attention. Almost as good as one of wheelies jokes.
@Phoenixnight  Well done Twin Pete’s. Thanks for keeping me entertained and educated – my podcast of choice whilst out walking. Congratulations on raising so much to date for a wonderful charity – hopefully I can add to it.
A big THANK YOU to all our listeners for your kind words, feedback and continued support. It is very much appreciated. Your response to our TwinPetesInvesting podcasts on SoundCloud , AudioBoom , Amazon Music ,   iTunes , Spotify ,  Google Podcasts , Youtube and Overcast channels has been brilliant and for that we are truly grateful. We will continue to innovate with this podcast format and style therefore your continued feedback is essential. We will also continue to gauge whether we are taking this educational investing vehicle in the right direction.
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The topics, stocks and shares mentioned/discussed include:
Investing Risks
Caerus Mineral Resources CMRS
Cornish Metals Inc CUSN
Deliveroo ROO
Natwest Group NWG
Lloyds Bank LLOY
Barclays BARC
Palace Capital PCA
Vectura VEC
Melt Up
Position Sizing
Financial Freedom
Aston Martin AML
TP Group TPG
Gateley Holdings GTLY
Equals EQLS
Music Magpie MMAG
WheelieDealers’ New Index Spreadbetting System
Clinigen CLIN
MotifBio MTFB
Ashtead AHT
WheelieDealer’ Wheelie Bash
Best of the Best BOTB
Book: The Signs Were There by Tim Steer
Insurance companies
Circular Economy
The Twin Petes Challenge / Charity fundraise for the Menphys Charity
& More
The Twin Petes Investing podcasts will be linked to and written about on the Conkers3 website and also on the WheelieDealer website .
Thank you for reading this article and listening to this podcast, we hope you enjoyed it. Please share this article with others that you know will find it of interest.


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